After off-grid electricity, what chance of off-grid water?


“There is water in the air. It offers more than a drop to drink.”

Veragon, a London-based company, says it has a commercially viable solution for condensing potable water that is being sold to the Italian military, Nato and the UN World Food Programme for operations in the Philippines, Afghanistan, Libya and Senegal, and to commercial distributors in Nigeria, Ghana and Oman.

The company manufactures in Italy “atmospheric water generators” that filter air, condense vapour on cooled panels, oxidise contaminants, add minerals and disinfect the condensed water using ultraviolet light. Inspiration came to the founder, an oral surgeon, on a humanitarian mission in Haiti. While contemplating the absence of clean water, he noticed that the air-conditioning was leaking water that appeared clean.

Atmospheric water generators could make sense for governments seeking to provide access to safe drinking water to dispersed citizens in challenging, hilly geographies where the costs of piping and pumping from mainstream treatment plants are high.
Thank you Imad Ahmed for his Financial Times article, mentioning the exciting potential of Veragon’s ‘Air to Water’ technology in helping solve the global water crisis.

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