Prince Charles impressed by Dubai International Humanitarian City

‘Did you see the machine taking water straight out of the air? What a brilliant idea’, said Prince Charles, who was clearly impressed by one of the many initiatives on show by aid workers during a visit to Dubai International Humanitarian City on Tuesday.

Veragon was one project that caught the British heir’s eye during the final day of a state visit to the UAE.

The Italian company builds machines that generate mineral water from atmospheric moisture and are being used to offer clean drinking fluids to refugee camps and areas stricken by natural disaster.

The technology replicates natural water transformation. As the humidity present in the atmosphere goes up to the sky, it condenses and falls as rain. Veragon machines do exactly the same, condensing the humidity into water, which is then sterilised through a treatment of ozone and UV rays. .

Other aid projects on display during the visit of Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, and Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, who is chairwoman of the International Humanitarian City, included Shelterbox.

The Duchess of Cornwall is a patron of the UK charity, which distributes emergency tents and life kits to displaced people in the Middle East.

Each box contains a tent, groundsheet, water purification equipment and a solar-powered light that charges during the day so children can do their homework using the light at night.

The tent helps bring the family unit back together as there are separate areas inside, so they are very important, said Sarah Jane-More, a logistics co-ordinator at Shelterbox.

In Dubai, we are well positioned for our Shelterbox aid to distribute aid in the wake of any conflict or humanitarian disaster. Weve just shipped out almost 1,500 Shelterboxes to Haiti.

Ive met the Duchess before, in the UK, but it was great to see her here in Dubai so we could show her our operation here.


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