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World-class leaders in the deployment of first response 'Air to Water' Technology

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The most abundant source of fresh water in the world is in the atmosphere.
Veragon are world-class leaders in the deployment of first response ‘Air to Water’ Technology for any requirement, in any environment, in any location in the world.
We take the humidity from the air and transform it into a constant flow of clean, pure, mineralised sustainable drinking water. Instantaneously.

Our technology is tried and tested at the highest global levels.

NGOs, humanitarian operators, governments and peacekeeping forces worldwide have seen and endorsed the technology. One machine is currently in test mode at the UN World Food Programme HQ at the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, where it has been approved by UN Refugee personnel.

working with NGOs

At Veragon, we have a proud record of working alongside the world’s most demanding NGOs. Our products are tested under extreme conditions to meet the needs of professionals associated with the provision of humanitarian aid. Alongside our logistical partners, we provide first response at times of crisis or conflict. If you work with an NGO and wish to discuss any special requirement, please contact us.

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Water is one of the world’s most scarce and precious resources.
But water vapour is a limitless resource. It is all around us. And as long as there is relative humidity of 10-20%, the Veragon unit will simply and sustainably transform that water vapour into pure mineral water. The system can be operated indefinitely without any impact on global water reserves.
Veragon technology is environmentally friendly and materially helps to reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating the transportation, storage, distribution and disposal of plastic water bottles.
Thanks to the Veragon ‘Air to Water’ Technology we can make a huge difference to our planet by providing a sustainable source of pure water to support the present generation and also the forecast population growth of 2-3 billion people by 2050.


The quality of the pure mineralised water generated by the Veragon V10 meets all the requirements of the principle water certification authorities worldwide, such as the World Health Organization in accordance with the parameters set by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome 2007 and D.L. 2001 n. 31 Italy.

If you have any further questions, or would like to find out more about the Veragon range of ‘Air to Water’ solutions, contact us.