Veragon technology replicates exactly what happens in nature

Veragon technology

  • Unique sterilisation and mineralisation process.
  • Meets and exceeds all the international standards for water quality.
  • Much lower cost per litre when compared to traditional sources of bottled water supply.
  • Low energy consumption and the ability to use renewables as power sources, for example solar and wind.
  • ‘Plug and play’ technology requiring limited annual maintenance. No specialised staff are required to maintain the units. The products can be remotely monitored for water quality and maintenance purposes.

how it works

Veragon technology replicates exactly what happens in nature.
In natural water transformation, the humidity present in the atmosphere condenses and falls as rain. Once in the soil, the rainwater is enriched by minerals before emerging into natural springs.
The Veragon machines do exactly the same, condensing the humidity into water, which is then sterilised through treatment with ozone and UV light. The water is then mineralised.
The water produced is not only drinkable but also mineralised and the quality of the product is certified by major international organisations and institutions.

water quality

It is possible to customise the mineralisation of the water to replicate precisely the composition of the most popular bottled brands. The unit can also produce demineralised water which is microbiologically pure.
This demineralised water can be used in various applications such as personal care, sanitation and in hospitals where sterilised water is a critical requirement.


The quality of the pure mineralised water generated by the Veragon V10 meets all the requirements of the principle water certification authorities worldwide, such as the World Health Organization in accordance with the parameters sets by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome 2007 and D.L. 2001 n. 31 Italy.